Thursday, February 2, 2012

Giving it a go....

I'm going to give this whole blogging thing a try.  Why?  Because apparently I'm a follower and all the cool kids do it, so why shouldn't I?  :)

I guess my first post should be about me & my family since that will most likely be the topic of 99.9% of my posts. 

I'm a mom, wife & teacher.  I'm a maid, taxi service & homework helper.  I'm a soccer mom, football mom, basketball mom & coach's widow (don't worry...he's alive...just always gone due to coaching).  I'm a friend & confidant. 

Notice "mom" was my first descriptor?  That's because my kids are my life.  Not in the weird helicopter mom or "my kid is perfect" way, but they're young and 99% of my activities revolve around them.
So about them.... 

T is a great student, has lots of friends, & is active in sports....I often feel like I won the lottery on T.  Too bad she will have ulcers by the time she graduates because she stresses about EVERYTHING.  And I do mean everything. 

K is my quirky, cool, interesting kid.  K will NEVER have an ulcer, because she is a disciple of the honey badger and just doesn't give a sh*t....ever.  My most accurate description of K is that she will make an awesome 25 year old, but getting her there just might kill me.

C is "all boy" (and I used to despise that phrase, but there is no other way to describe C).  He eats, breathes, & sleeps sports.  Literally.  He was playing a basketball game in his sleep last night, complete will arms out, calling out for passes.  He is athletic and intelligent.  Unfortunately he knows both of these things and does not lack in the self-esteem department.

The husband is a pretty good guy.  On any given day, I'd like to punch him or kiss him or both.
We share our home with one sweet, cuddly kitty and one bipolar kitty.  Our backyard is home to a giant teddy bear of a dog.  (OK...he's a teddy bear to us, but more like a rabid grizzly to everyone else.)
So that's us. 

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