Friday, February 3, 2012

Rip their heads off, boys!

A very young, probably 3ish, little girl once stuck her face through the fence at a high school football game and screamed at the top of her lungs....


Ah, my baby girl, a girl after my own heart. 

I love football.  I can't wait for C to play "real" football.  But mostly, I love the boys that "rip their heads off."  I love them so much, I married one.

What I don't love are quarterbacks, kickers and punters.

I think quarterbacks are the pansies of  the team.  Yeah, yeah...I takes skill and they're usually the "leader" of the team.  I guess that means I think quarterbacks are the skilled, leader pansies.  Football wouldn't be football without them, so I'll let them stay, but they will never have my heart.

Punters & kickers, however, can just stay home for all I care.  The game will be just fine without them.

In one of my finer parenting moments, I sat C down after he announced he wanted to be a quarterback or a kicker and explained why he didn't want to do that. 

There's really no fighting a little boy loving a quarterback, but I tried...oh, I tried.  Still, I wasn't shocked when I made little to no progress on discouraging the love of the quarterback. 

But I really thought I'd made progress on the anti-kicker front, I had my argument all laid out.  "I thought you wanted to PLAY football.  They don't really play, they kick a ball and run off.  They don't wear full pads.  They don't fully participate in practice.  They don't tackle." 

Real progress had been made. 


C was watching our local high school team in the state championship game.  Despite my anti-kicker stance, I must admit we have a great one.  He made a tackle after kicking the ball.  A tackle!  By the kicker!  C was THRILLED!  He jumped up, arms in the air, screaming "that kicker just tackled somebody!!!"  Thanks, BO (the kicker's initials...not a reference to his hygiene).

So, for now, kicker has secured its spot on my son's career list.  Right beside quarterback and professional wrestler.  (I'm pushing for professional wrestler at this point.)

In case all of this wasn't enough to break my football-loving heart, he had recently added long-snapper to his career list.  LONG-SNAPPER!!!  Ugh.  Anyone know the names of any good professional wrestler camps?  :)

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